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Garlic and Oregano from Nubia
Our Sicilian producer of garlic and oregano has sent during these days the 2017 harvest, it is possible to buy the products directly from the website.
Articolo - 31/07/2019 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Apulian Fior di latte Mozzarella
The "Fior di Latte" is an absolutely typical product and a fundamental part of the Southern Italy dairy tradition. Mozzarella is obtained from the curdling of fresh cow's milk brought to 35 degrees, so the addition of natural rennet to form the curd. The cow's milk mozzarella is pinned every day by the diary master following the Apulian artisanal tradition using a stick and a tub, everything is immersed in draining tanks for the ooze obtaining a paste ready for the pinning. The "Fior di latte" shape is variable: round, nodino, braid depending on the origin. The Nodini: these are little "Fior di latte" mozzarella typical of Apulia, hand shaped they seems like a little knot. They have an harder paste endowed with a great grade of elasticity. The "Fior di latte" Mozzarella has a sweet but delicate taste, the best siding is with a mature tomato and 2 leaves of fresh basil realizing a great Caprese, but it is also perfect to but directly cut on a pizza. Bocconcini Fior di latte: the have a bright and homogeneous skin, white milk colored. The paste is soft and lightly elastic. When it is cut it releases a milky liquid, they represent the perfect starter.
Articolo - 07/05/2019 - ( Network O.I.P. )

The Black Pig from the Nebrodi Mounts Capocollo
The Nebrodi Mounts Black Pig Capocollo The definition of "Nebrodi Mounts Black Pig" describes a local race of pigs typical of the territories within the area of the Nebrodi Mounts in the north west Sicily. Judging from the fossils and the references written by ancient writers, the presence of the animal had been already confirmed during the greek period (7-6 century B.C), as a testimony of the immense heritage that is still nowadays safeguarded in these valleys. During the middle age its breeding decreased due to the religion of the new conquerers; another factor that determined its decline was the gradual disappearing of woods which previously covered most of the Sicilian territory. In the last years there has been a convinced reintroduction of the breeding of this specie, on which multiple studies have been made in order to give value to its productions. The Black Sicilian pig is now a officially recognized race and managed by the ANAS (National Association of the Farmers of Pigs) The Nebrodi Mounts black pig is black skinned, and it has strong black bristles that reach the length of 10cm almost, looking like a mane and reminding of a boar, it has small-middle size (60-65 cm average) The breeding system is "en plain air", that is to say that the Pig lives exclusively in the natural environment fed with barley and field beans to maintain the organoleptic qualities of its meat and all its natural genuiness. The Capocollo is taken from the neck of the Black pig and its meat is naturally very salty and perfumed, and it is worked by able masters with natural aromas. Aspect: Cylindric and lengthened shape Consistency: tender, compact Aspect after the cut: The slice is compact and its colour is red intense with some variable fat veins. Weight: between 1 and 1.8 kilograms. Smell and Taste: persistent and intense accompanied by the natural species and aromas. Curiosities: it is exclusively produced with black pig meats from Nebrodi Mounts. It takes its name from the nearest part to the head of the black pig.
Articolo - 04/04/2019 - ( Network O.I.P. )

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Hello, I would like to purchase only a few bottles of Sciandor Moscato díAsti DOCG 2016 - Banfi, but when I try to add it to my cart, it only adds 120 bottles. Can you please help? Also, do you ship to the US and Brazil? Thank you!

User: Priscila ( 19/08/2019)
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Hello. Gift received: a bottle of Bombardino. I do not know when it was purchased and how it has been stored till now. When will this sealed bottle expire?

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Hi! Iím trying to purchase 6 jars of the Masseria Dauna sliced tomatoes but itís not allowing me to add to cart. Could you please help me figure out what Iím doing wrong.
Thank You so much!
Best Regards Terry

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Giomť Maiolo - Benaco Bresciano Rosso I.G.P. - Cŗ Maiol

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Giomť Maiolo - Benaco Bresciano Rosso I.G.P. - Cŗ Maiol - 2016
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Italian Basil (Genoese) Pot Plant 10cm - Orto mio

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Leone de Castris Five Roses Salento

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Leone de Castris Five Roses Salento
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