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Friulian Wines: Simon di Brazzan's Dedication to the Territory

"To Understand How Wine is Produced You Have to Look Under the Ground." We were greeted with these words by Daniele Drius, who directs Simon di Brazzan at the winemaking level and personally tends the vineyard, and whose explanation convinced us by competence and touched us by sincere dedication. 
We are talking about a philosophy that comes from a path of conversion to agriculture that is as natural as possible, resulting in excellent results by the glass, but which starts from a genuine feeling of attachment and care for one's territory. Because when it comes to wine it always starts from there, from the land: "I realized that I was killing the soil," so says Daniele verbatim. "After becoming aware of the need for change, I studied and got help from the best in the business like Josko (Gravner)." A transformation that cost a lot, both in terms of effort and economically since the shift to farming as naturally as possible, for example through the use of practices such as green manure, meant sacrificing some production and significantly lower yields. Today the winery is convinced and firmly believes in its work, in the same way we ourselves were won over by the genuineness of the project and the resulting wines. Precise, clean flavors that leave room for the aromatic typicality of local grape varieties such as Friulano, Malvasia and Pinot Grigio without constructed exasperations, especially in the base line. In the reserves named as "Tradizion," importance and prominence is also given to the area's historic winemaking method and part of the cultural baggage of Friulian enology, namely maceration. In fact, the two grape varieties (Friulano and Pinot Grigio) express themselves with great results with the right amount of soaking on the skins, acquiring aromatic depth and oxidative notes that are perfectly integrated into the aromatic spectrum. Personally, I was thrilled in particular by Simon Tradizion's Blanc: notes of dried fruit, honey and an uncommon persistence, without, however, trespassing on the withering sensation, so as to maintain a surprising drinkability.
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Salsa per Amatori is Tomato Puree Produced According to an all-Calabrian Processing Method 🥫
Tomatoes of excellent quality, grown in the open field, carefully selected and processed within hours of harvesting, passed through a wide-weave sieve capable of removing seeds and skins, but at the same time useful to ensure a full-bodied and more flavorful cut. Not only Brought to cooking at low temperature and in a very slow way to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and a high density. Any process of concentration is excluded; the high quality of the raw material allows avoiding the use of citric acid and added salt. Crispino's production is not only sauces, but also ready-made sauces, from recipes rooted in the gastronomic heritage of Calabria, raw materials selected and processed from fresh. Italian tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, natural flavorings. Absence of tomato paste and added sugar, no dyes or preservatives. A wide variety of sauces capable of quickly enhancing pasta dishes,making them intense, delicious and delicious, but above all genuine. Like any self-respecting Calabrian producer, Famiglia Crispino also produces preserves in oil typical of the region. Eggplants, Chillies and Olives are the products at the base of these specialties, these Calabrian agricultural excellences, first end up in the hands of Master canners who keep the secrets of ancient recipes. Strong flavors,absence of preservatives and dyes: these are the elements that characterize Crispino's tasty appetizers.
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Capocollo di Martina Franca and Typical Apulian Cured Meats by Salumificio Santoro
A salumificio that was born spontaneously, from the union of two butchers from Cisternino and Martina Franca, in an area of Puglia where the art of pork butchery is part of the cultural DNA. Indeed, the Itria Valley is home to several pork specialties, among the most famous we put Capocollo di Martina Franca, the flagship product of Salumificio Santoro. The company has always been at the forefront in promoting and protecting this Food Presidium, so much so that it still personally adopts artisanal production methods. The meat used comes exclusively from Itria Valley pigs, next comes a key step that distinguishes Salumificio Santoro: marinating in cooked wine from Verdeca grapes and a light smoking with Fragno wood (a typical local oak tree) Finally, the capocollo is hand-tied before arriving at the curing process in naturally ventilated cellars. On the other specialties, Salumificio Santoro also maintains a really high quality, thanks to the strict control of the selected animals that are raised in a semi-wild state, favoring native breeds. Typical local products such as soppressata, homemade salami, and pancetta are distinguished by a light but pleasant smoked note given by the bark of the Fragno tree, which is at the same time the secret of Capocollo di Martina Franca.
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